Startup Tools

Google Slides –  for pitch deck, collaboration

Canva – free suite of design tools for creating social media ads, PPC ads, infographics, beautiful slides, magazines, and a lot more. Plenty of stock photography built in. Create custom and consistent filters for your brand images.

Trello – Free project management tool. To-do lists, delegation tools, and collaboration for remote teams.Google Trends – To figure out what’s hot and in demand. Helps SEO campaigns.

Mailchimp – List building and automated follow up, for free. Web forms, popups, and basic landing page builder. Integrates virtually everything for free. Allows to export your contact list to a new service. Alternatives – Getresponse, AWeber, Infusionsoft.

Google Analytics – Overview or deep dive into customer analytics.

Boomerang – Works with gmail. Enables to schedule emails for later. This is perfect for giving yourself time to think before your response goes out, to time landing pitch emails to investors, and to target marketing messages to land at just the right time for your prospects. The Respondable feature aims to help you write better emails too. It does this by ranking your message on a variety of factors, including reading level, length, positivity level and staying on subject.

LinkedIn – Build audience, target recruiting, networking, and gaining direct access to angel investors. Polish your profile and publish to your feed regularly. Premium experience gives access to message people outside your network.

PayPal – No cost bank account, merchant account, and credit card processor – allows to instantly and quickly take payments and give refunds. Offers variety of POS tools as well as small business loans and lines of credit.

WordPress – Easiest free tool, comes with an enormous amount of plugins.

Medium – Free blogging platform. Publish clean content, get word out about your startup, update investors on your progress, and attract more customers.

Skype – Make free calls, record podcasts, host meetings, and conduct video sessions. Plenty of plug ins.

AngelList – Find a job, post a job, network with investors, see who is investing in what, and to invest in startups as well.

Upwork – Post job openings for free, screen for best experts. Get just the work you need on-demand without taking on hefty overhead or salaries.

Calendly – Schedule appointments, calls and investor meetings with ease. Integrates with Wix and Google Calendar.