SMB Marketing Strategy Tips you can’t Ignore

Marketing Strategy is one of the critical success factor in any business, profit or not-for-profit. After you get you identify your product and market, you have to start putting together the strategy.

I am enlisting some tips below that are geared towards SMBs (Small to Medium sized Businesses):

  1. Branding – Define your brand clearly so that your customers can instantly relate and understand what you stand for and what you offer. Often this includes your business logo, a messaging statement, tag line, brand colors, and images representing the brand.
  2. Customers – Choose your target segment wisely as your marketing, sales, and success depends on it. Find out the demographic information if possible. Describe your customers using personas.
  3. Website – Build a website and make sure you represent your brand well and communicate with your target customers. Verify the page with search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, Bing, Yelp, TripAdvisor, Apple Maps, etc.
  4. Online Presence – Make sure you create the fan pages and product/service pages on various online channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, Google Business, Yelp, LinkedIn,
  5. Advertising – Google, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn are a few channels to advertise online to get great results as these channels help you reach your customers by leveraging the demographic information or other data (name, address , email, phone number) that you may have acquired.
  6. SEO – Never overlook this organic method to build traffic to your website, which creates an opportunity for a sale. It is time consuming task and needs to be well organized and executed. You will not see good business unless your website doesn’t show up in first page of internet search results.
  7. Email/Text Campaigns – Results for these campaigns can vary dramatically and depend on content relevancy and the target customers you sent these campaigns to.

This article will be updated on regular basis to add more strategies and details to already listed ones.