How to download financial data of a company?

Performing a company analysis will almost always include it’s financial analysis. Access to financial data is of course needed in order to do so. But how can one get the data, especially in a format such as excel, for performing the analysis? All publicly trading companies file their information to SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) in order to be compliant to the company laws and be on good standing. Private companies rarely share any detailed financial information, some don’t share any. It is therefore relatively easy to do a financial analysis on publicly traded companies than to do so on a private company.

There are a lot of financial institutions that maintain and archive financial data for companies, but SEC is the best source to access such data at no cost. Following below are a few steps to download the data:

  1. Go to

2. Click on Company Filings, below the search bar.

SEC Website – Homepage

3. Search for the company that you are interested in downloading the financial data for. Select the company from the search results if you see a list of companies that matched your search term. To avoid confusion, it is better to search by the company’s trading ticker.

4. You should now see all the information that the company filed with SEC.

5. The financial information in excel format can be found in the 10-K filings

SEC Filing – 10K

6. By clicking on Documents you can access all documents online and read the filing report, but if you click on the Interactive Data you will see option to view in excel document form.

SEC Filing Documents – (10-K)

7. When you click on the Excel document you will get an option to save file on your local computer/laptop.

SEC Filing Interactive Data (10-K )

If you are a paid customer of companies such as Morgan Stanley, Charles Schwabb, Morning Star, etc., you can get a more detailed analysis done by the analysts on such statements.